Complete Water Management Solutions

Our Water management solutions enable you to “Experience Water”

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Complete Water Management Solutions

With Sukruta’s Technology & solutions,

one can manage and experience water in true sense.

Complete Water Management Solutions

Efficient water management is the key to life, sustenance and economic progress.

Our solutions are engineered and designed to meet these requirements and beyond.


55 years of Water Management & Distribution Systems

The name Sukruta is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Su’ - which means good and ‘Kruta’, which implies the act of doing. When combined, "Sukruta" simply means doing good.

Enriched with a legacy of 55 years, Sukruta today is a go-to organization for the best in their sectors and a centralized source for pumps, solar water heaters, valves, water treatment and accessories for industrial use, commercial or for residential use. We not only supply the equipment, but also offer design consultation and energy audit services to help you secure the best suitable solution..

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Water Treatment Plant
Water is the most essential part of our daily lives. Providing clean potable water for our every requirement and application is the first and foremost priority in any project. At sukruta, we provide the complete solution to ensure clean and potable water supply with fully Automatic, Semi-automatic or manual.
Hot Water Systems
The all-new state-of-the-art solar hybrid systems provided by Sukruta through Energen - one of our channel partners, not only overcomes all the issues and drawbacks of a conventional system, but also reduces the opex costs substantially. Our hybrid hot water systems help increase profitability whilst always ensuring high reliability and durability using the following components:
Water Distribution Systems
Once we have clean potable water available, it needs to be supplied to all the required areas in any facility very effectively and efficiently with minimal fuss in cost, operation and maintenance. This can effectively be achieved through proper design and selection of systems, best suited for the requirements, site conditions and proper installations.
At Sukruta we provide the design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and effective after-sales service support through
Fire Pumps & Systems
With buildings being built taller progressively, proper fire control systems are a must and the safety of its occupants are of primary concern when designing a facility. Hence, fire fighting pumps are of utmost importance and play a great role in upkeep of safety in times of danger and disaster. The occupancy certificate is provided only if a proper fire management system is in place.

Sukruta provides a diverse range of engine and motor driven pumps, jockey pumps and control systems for effective fire fighting through automated sprinkler systems and wet risers. The AC Fire Pumps has a very comprehensive range of pumps suited specifically for fire control for any type of building.
HVAC Pumps & Control Systems
Air Conditioning and maintaining the comfortable temperature and humidity are no longer luxury indulgence, they are a necessity to facilitate a comfortable working environment.

Be it at airports, malls, IT parks, software technology facilities, auditoriums, hotels, hospitals, convention centers and such other facilities maintaining the right temperature of the air inside the facility is most essential.

Sukruta designs and provides the pumps and control systems as per the required capacities to carry this chilled water to all the AHU’S effectively and efficiently as per the demand and temperature setting at that particular location.
Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plants
Almost all the water that is being let out as waste from building services and as effluents from industries can be recycled and reused. Today, the technology is so advanced that apart from using treated water for flushing, gardening, cooling towers and washing, it can be made perfectly potable and hence can be used as pure drinking water.

In association with Daiki Axis of Japan, Sukruta brings to you the latest and the best technology on packaged sewage and effluent treatment plants, offering the most important and required luxury of saving in space with low footprint. This can be achieved with both over the ground or underground installation options which will be low in connected electrical loads hence low on power. This impacts the opex costs positively by reducing the operational and maintenance costs for the clients.
Energy Audits & Retrofit
To identify the possible solutions, an energy audit is the most important task, especially in cases where the installation is more than ten years old where fossil fuels are used to generate hot water. In these dated facilities, primitive methods for sewage and waste water treatment are used with primitive technology. With the changing site conditions over a period of time, there are additions and deletions to the facility, especially when new and efficient technologies are introduced.

Sukruta energy audit will primarily address pumps and pumping systems at any facility or industry, Hot water systems and sewage and waste water treatment plants. Our approach focuses on providing an energy saving system with technology that provides a high return on investment in a definite period of time, thus paying for itself and thereafter the client will reap the benefits of low operating cost and an improved bottom line.


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